More successes of our alumni startups Green0meter and Resistant.AI

More successes of our alumni startups Green0meter and Resistant.AI

Martin Rehák and his Resistant.AI have confirmed that his startup can attract investments even at a time when the market is no longer drowning in money as in the past. He raised another CZK 240 million from elite foreign investors from the Notion Capital fund. This is a continuation of the Series A investment round, during which Resistant.AI has already raised nearly $17 million from Google Ventures.

Resistant AI uses elements of artificial intelligence to try to defend against attacks by other AIs, fraud and so on. They are mainly targeting the financial sector.

Other recent successes include a joint venture

Green0meter and ČSOB signed a joint venture partnership.
The bank sees the Czech startup as an opportunity to help its clients in the area of sustainability and ESG. That’s why KBC and Green0meter have signed a 50:50 joint venture partnership.

The partnership between KBC and the Green0meter platform, founded by Karel Kotoun and Jan Zvěřina, will ensure that ČSOB’s corporate clients will have fully customised and professional sustainability advice tailored to their specific business processes and needs, combined with appropriate financing options.

“Green0meter’s vision is to help as many businesses as possible with their sustainable transition using data and artificial intelligence. We look forward to working with the entire KBC Group to help accelerate this transition through a Czech platform that is user-friendly and fully automated, helping companies to leverage sustainability as a business opportunity. Through this collaboration, we will be able to offer new tools and services to help businesses more effectively monitor and manage their sustainability goals and reduce their environmental footprint. We look forward to this collaboration and the benefits it will bring to businesses across Europe,” concludes Karel Kotoun, co-founder of the Green0meter platform.


We are very happy about both successes and we are looking forward to the next 😊

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