Acceleration programme


Apply if:

  • you have an innovative B2B project (ideally B2B, B2B2C)
  • you have a team of at least 2 people
  • you want to learn and push your project forward
  • you are not in the gambling, arms and weapons industry, fur industry or other industries that are not aligned with our values
Apply with your project

We make our selection in 2 rounds and evaluate mainly the team, innovativeness and market potential. Short-listed start-ups are invited to an online pitch.

  • Presentations are closed, with only judges in the room
  • No slides, but you can have visual aids; you will have 3 minutes to present, then 7 minutes for Q&As
  • You will find out the result by phone on the same day

If your start-up is selected, we will have 5 months working together. We follow these rules:

  • We are working towards goals that make sense for both sides.
  • We meet at least once every month to share the progress of the start-up.
  • Preparation of and participation at workshops is mandatory.
  • You make all business decisions yourself, we bring independent insight and feedback.
  • The programme is completely free of charge. You don’t have to give up your share in the company or buy services of the organizer or partners.
  • We expect you to mention Start it during communication with the media.
  • Mapping the needs and setting the goals – at the beginning we get to know your start-up and set common goals.
  • Workplace – in ČSOB headquaters (Radlická, Prague 5).
  • Tailored assistance – we can prepare market research for your start-up, obtain legal services, feedback from marketing experts, data analysis, etc.
  • Mentoring – we will introduce you to a mentor in the field where you need to advance the most; this mentor will work with you throughout the entire programme.
  • Business connections – once your start-up is ready, we can connect you with ČSOB clients.


  • Bootcamp – we will introduce you to the possibilities of support in the programme; we will map the needs of your start-up.
  • Value proposition – you will learn how to describe your product clearly in one sentence.
  • Financial planning – we will teach you how to calculate how many customers you need for your company to make profit.
  • Go to market – practical advices and tips on how to enter Czech or forign market.
  • Pricing / sales techniques – you will have a correctly set price and get tips for selling.
  • Fundraising – you will know how to approach and interest an investor, you will get advices for an investment and feedback on your pitchdeck.
  • How to become a corporation contractor – with our experts you will prepare yourself for who, with what arguments and what offer you have a chance to sell your solution to a corporation.
  • Enjoy your Pitch – you will learn how to present your business in any situation.

During the programme we add more activities and meetings according to the situation and needs of a community.

Time-wise, this means being physically at the meetings approximately twice per month and then working on your assignments.

At the end, you can show off your results to investors, partners and the professional community. You obtain further valuable contacts for your business.

If you’re not sure what to expect, we’d be happy to meet you in person before you apply.


  • You will get facilities and support for 5 months
  • You won't have to make decisions on your own
  • You get feedback from experts
  • We'll introduce you to potential clients and investors
  • It won't cost you anything and you won't lose your independence

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accelerator programme for your start-up

Apply till 30th of September

Apply with your project

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